Cottonwood Woodpecker Perched on a Tree by Loy Lewis

Product Description

A minute Woodpecker pauses atop a tall Tree in this charming, unique Zuni Fetish Carving by artist Loy Lewis.  The Woodpecker is a dainty, curved figure with spiked red hair, he is polished to a glossy finish. The Tree Trunk is grand; a rich mid- brown tone with expertly painted wood detail.

Cottonwood Root is a popular Zuni material, historically this was due to its accessible nature and suitability for carving and painting. However, today's carvers may travel hundreds of miles throughout the Southwest looking for this special material.

 Hallmark: L Lewis Zuni NM.

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Loy Lewis
13" H X 3" L X 3" W
$ 63 $ 90
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