Cottonwood Crow and Pueblo by Loy Lewis

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This Cottonwood Crow and Pueblo Zuni ornament is both unique and typical Zuni. The Crow is a commonly carved Zuni motif. This Crow is an intense Black with sunken Turquoise eyes. His large Beak and drawn back wings add length to his figure.

It is rare of an Artist to portray the local landscape alongside the Fetish and this is a beautiful depiction of the red, rocky Zuni Shwinna. Lewis adds simple yet effective detail to the Pueblo, angular lines to create distinction between the stones and circular red pieces to add dimension and texture.

Loy Lewis is from a family of Zuni Carvers and is most noted for his Crow Fetish Carvings. The Crow is recognized as a figure of authority; the keeper of Scared Law.

Hallmark: L Lewis Zuni NM.

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Loy Lewis
2" H X6" L x 1 1/2" W
$ 75
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