Cottonwood Corn Maiden with Butterfly by Eldred Sanchez

Product Description

A Kaleidoscope of color meets historic Zuni tradition in this Cottonwood Corn Maiden Kachina by Eldred Sanchez. This is a unique interpretation of the traditional Corn Maiden, with a very literal ‘corn’ motif body and grand Rainbow headwear.

The Corn Maiden is a figure in many Zuni stories. This particular piece is the Yellow Woman Kachina, who features Butterfly detail at her feet. The Yellow Woman is a heroine in many stories, taking on a range of identities, including bride and witch.

Eldred Sanchez has a distinctive, contemporary style and is well recognised among Native American art collectors. This eye- catching Kachina is a fine example of his work.

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Eldred Sanchez
14" H X 2/ 3/4" L X 2 3/4" W
$ 137 $ 195
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