Chinese Flourite Zuni Bear Fetish by Ronnie Lunasee

Product Description

A beautiful, vibrant Zuni Bear Fetish by Ronnie Lunasee. The body of Chinese Flourite features a myriad of rich colors; a rainbow of deep purple, jade green, azure and lilac. Chinese Flourite is a particularly spiritual crystal which promotes wholeness and peace.

Chinese Flourite is an unusual choice of stone to the Zuni, yet Lunasee’s design of the Bear is faithful to the traditional Zuni form and style. This is a wonderful way of bringing the two influences- Chinese & Native American- together into one beautiful piece. Where Flourite is renowned in the East for its healing properties, the Bear encompasses healing to the Zuni, together the symbolism of ‘healing’ in this piece is reinforced.

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Ronnie Lunasee
1 1/2" H X 2 1/4" L X 5/8" W
$ 60
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