Celunite & Mother of Pearl Zuni Wolf Fetish by Debra Gasper

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This mole fetish carving by Zuni artist, Debra Gasper forms part of a healing and protective directional Zuni fetish set. Use of Celunite for the body represents the dark habitat of the mole below the Earths surface, "below" being one of the Zuni six sacred directions. The subterranean nature of the mole signifies its role as protector of crops and guardian of the underworld. Although moles are blind by nature, many carvers prefer to give them eyes, to add to their charm as a piece and respect the knowledge and wisdom that the motif symbolizes. 

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Debra Gasper
1 3/8" H X 2 7/8" L X 7/8" W
$ 60
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Zuni carver Debra Gasper specializes in intricate and well- executed Fetish carvings. She works with a range of stones including Black Marble, Turquoise, Picasso Marble and Fluorite. Gasper often collaborates with her husband Ray Tsethlikai, and together they are known for free-standing fetishes and fetish necklaces made in her family's tradition of old-style fetish carving. While they have retained traditional forms, they have experimented with a wide range of new materials and often use silver dot inlay on their fetishes. Gasper heralds from the prolific Weahkee family, who are among the oldest carving families in Zuni. In fact, their origins predate history and the earliest recorded Weahkee carver was Teddy Weahkee who worked with noted Zuni dealer C.G. Wallace.
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