Cedar Wood Zuni Bear Fetish by Herb Halate

Product Description

Zuni artist Herb Halate has hand carved this wonderful bear Fetish out of Cedar Wood. The fur of the bear was finely etched into the entire body which contrasts beautifully with the bear's smooth head. The bear carries with him a Turquoise arrowhead which matches perfectly with his Turquoise inlaid eyes. 

In Zuni culture, the bear is considered the guardian of the West. The bear is known for its protective nature and its healing properties. The Zuni bear Fetish is strongly associated with the color blue, which is said to increase its healing powers making the blue Turquoise arrowhead and eyes very potent. 

Herb Halate is well known for his bear fetishes. He is regarded as one of the more abstract Zuni fetish carvers, focusing heavily on capturing the essence of the bear. Having been Carving fetishes for over 20 years now, his style is flawless.



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Herb Halate
2" H X 4 1/2" L X 2 3/4" W
$ 60
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