Black Marble Zuni Bear Fetish by Georgette Quam

Product Description

A delightful Zuni Koala fetish by artist Georgette Quam. The Koala sits comfortably with expertly crafted paws, face and ears to create a wonderful life-like quality. Textured Black Marble is used to fabulous effect to mimic the Koala fur. Quam comes from a large family of Zuni Fetish carvers and is confident in her repertoire to include non-traditional Zuni carvings, such as the Koala. The Koala is a contemporary choice of Fetish and this particular piece has a youthful air of innocence about it, perhaps a lovely gift for a child or the young at heart. Dimensions: 2'' H x 1.25'' L x 1.5'' W.

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Georgette Quam
2" H X 1 1/4" L X 1 1/2" W
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