Beaded Star Kachina

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‘First, the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance. This event would tell us that the end times are very near. Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the end of times.’

In Hopi philosophy, the world is believed to go through successive cycles separated by cataclysmic events. At the end of each cycle, the world experiences destruction, after which comes a renewed wisdom and understanding of spirituality. The Blue Star Kachina represents new beginnings and the foreshadowing of these; when the Blue Star makes its appearance in the Heavens and the Fifth World will emerge.

This finely beaded, vibrant figurine embodies this awe in our worldly surroundings.

There is security in the knowledge of something meaningful beyond the ebb and flow of daily life. Keep the Blue Kachina close as a reminder of the depth and mystery of our world and beyond. 

3 3/8" tall- 4" wide- 1 1/2" deep.

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