Banded Onyx Zuni Buffalo Fetish by Gayle Lucio

Product Description

Here is a stunning buffalo fetish hand carved by Zuni artist Gayle Lucio. Carved from a gorgeous piece of Banded Onyx, this buffalo has Turquoise horns and eyes which really pop against the body as well as bring out the greens within the Onyx. It is said that Banded Onyx helps to ground one's energy to the core of the earth.

In Zuni culture, the buffalo represents great emotional courage and is said to give the strength to overcome personal obstacles. The Buffalo is also known to be a provider to all. 

Gayle Lucio is a Zuni Fetish Carver with a very unique and distinct style of carving. She is known for her semi-realistic style and her exquisite use of color.

Item Number:
Gayle Lucio
2 3/8" H X 2 1/2" L X 7/8" W
$ 75
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