Apple Coral Zuni Warrior Maiden Fetish by Claudia Peina

Product Description

This beautiful and lovingly crafted Zuni warrior maiden was made by the artful hand of Zuni artist Claudia Peina. The body is made of apple coral, an earth conscious alternative to traditional coral, which is fitting to the respectful, wise nature of the maiden. The Warrior Maiden is a contemporary representation of the traditional Native American Corn Maiden and still features turquoise stones across the body to represent the kernels. Indeed, in the Pueblo Indian culture, corn is to the people the very symbol of life. The Corn Maiden brought this gift and therefore brings the power of life to the people. This maiden also carries armor, perhaps a nod to her strength and protective inclinations toward the safety, happiness and health of our loved ones. Dimensions: 3.25" (H) x 1.125" (L) x 0.75" (W)

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Claudia Peina
3 1/4" H X 1 1/8" L X 3/4" W
$ 450
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