Apple Coral Zuni Frog Fetish By Hayes Leekya

Product Description

This happy little frog fetish is hand carved by Zuni artist Hayes Leekya. Carved from Apple Coral, Leekya has adorned this sweet frog with spots of Jet all and two Turquoise eyes. 

Frogs and Turtles are among the most traditional of Zuni Fetishes. The Frog is renowned for its rain- bringing, life- enhancing properties and also represents fertility. Own this piece and bring the spirit of plenty and abundance into your life.

Artist Hayes Leekya descends from a family of Zuni craftsmen and this confident knowledge is evident in his bold, simple carvings.


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Hayes Leekya
3/4" H X 1 1/4" L X 1" W
$ 36
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