Antler Zuni Turkey Fetish by Marlon Lowsayatee

Product Description

Here we have a unique Antler Turkey Fetish Carving by Zuni artist Marlon Lowsayatee. The Turkey is a charming figure, his gaze extends upwards and outwards at a slight angle, to suggest a quirky, sweet personality. Lowsayatee carefully details the tail feathers at the broadest part of the Carving to add a sense of movement and charm to the piece. Like many Fetish Carvings, two small Turquoise Stones are used for eyes. Here Red Coral also adds a mouth, creating vivid facial features and an injection of color.

This piece is typical of Marlon Lowsayatee’ style; quirky designs of Elk Antler with Turquoise and Red Coral detail.

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Marlon Lowsayatee
1 1/4" H X 2 L X 1 W
$ 36
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