Antler Zuni Owl Fetish by Ruben Najera

Product Description

This Magnificent Zuni Owl has paused a moment on top of a high- reaching branch. The Owls wings neatly tuck inwards and his back extends in a stance of poise, reflection, and grace.

The Zuni Owl often embodies wide- ranging characteristics- from intellect to power. By choosing to depict this Owl static rather than in flight, Najera communicates the wise, pensive nature of the Zuni Owl.

Ruben Najera is a well- known Zuni artist. At 38 years of age, Najera is the youngest nephew of the Laate clan of carvers. He has developed a delicate style and innovative designs different from any other Fetish carver and uses exclusively the medium of deer antler.  His major carving interest is birds and recently he created a series of true-to-life sandhill cranes for a New Mexico wildlife refuge.

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Ruben Najera
1 3/4" H X 1/2" L X 3/4" W
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