Antler Zuni Flying Owl Fetish by Ruben Najera

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This detailed piece, an Owl extending his wings as he passes the rugged landscape was carved entirely from Antler by Zuni artist Ruben Najera. Intricate detail adds to the shape and texture of the Owl body and wings. The wings, in particular, are meticulously detailed to create depth and color.

Zuni Fetish Carvings are believed to hold intrinsic characteristics. Indeed, the Zuni Owl is recognised as the keeper of the night; one who controls the dark side of nature and embodies wisdom, intellect and patience

Ruben Najera is noted for his Antler Carvings. He favors creating beautiful birds, bats and other smaller- bodied animals. Najera is from the Laate family, who have influenced his fine style of Zuni Fetish Carving.

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Ruben Najera
1 7/8" H X 1" L X 3/4" W
$ 48
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