Angelite Zuni Medicine Bear Fetish by Kenny Chavez

Product Description

An Angelite Zuni Medicine Bear Fetish by Kenny Chavez. The calming blue shade and soothing properties of Angelite are fitting to the healing spirit of the Medicine Bear. Angelite is a balancing agent, noted for its rejuvenating and regenerating influence. Chavez' simple, strong carving resembles the Zuni reverence of the Healing Bear, The most prevalent of all Fetishes; the Zuni believe the Bear to contain a living power, which can help its owner. Strong silver, angular heart lines further communicate the powerful influence of the Zuni Healing Bear. Dimensions: 1.125'' H x 1.75'' L x 0.375'' W.

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Kenny Chavez
1" H X 2 5/8" L X 7/8" W
$ 36
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