Alabaster Zuni Swan Fetish by Herbert Pincion

Product Description

This graceful Zuni Swan Fetish is carved from Alabaster by Zuni Artist Herbert Pincion. The pink tone to the white Alabaster creates a subtly lifelike effect while the Swan's head bows in thoughtful reflection. Hubert Pincion is widely known for his Swan Fetishes and traditional carving method; he is rumored to carve to this day on a cut down cardboard box using only one old penknife and a few flies. The Zuni associate the Swan with elegance and nurturing and the effeminate expression on this piece convey a distinct maternal kindliness. Dimensions: 1.625'' H x 2.25'' L x 1.625'' W.

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Herbert Pincion
1 1/4" H X 2 1/2" L X 1" W
$ 45
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