Elk Antler Zuni Spider Fetish by Esteban Najera

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This Elk Antler Zuni Spider Fetish by Esteban Najera has a wonderful fossil like quality in its material and shape. Najera is renowned for his expert knowledge of anatomy and skeletal carving. His works are so delicate many believe the Zuni spirits to be guiding him in his carving. This talent is evident in the carefully positioned legs of the Spider and accuracy of scale where the Spider body meets the legs. Insects are a non-traditional Zuni subject, but the spider is noted to symbolize wisdom, independence and harmony. Najera conveys this sense of independence in the command the Spider holds over the rock it holds itself atop. Dimensions: 1.625'' H x 1.125'' L x 1.25'' W.

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Esteban Najera
1 5/8" H X 1 1/8" L X 1 1/4" W
$ 81 $ 90
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